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Tales Told in Brick and Stone

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Not all tales can be told as plain text. There is always so much more to add to the story: what was the smell, how did walls feel to touch, where did they laugh? Or cry? What was it like when they came there for the first time? What happened when they left?


Not all the stories can be told in a mild and low voice in the coziness of the evening: some of them are too intimate and complex and some are just full of emotions that we don’t have words for. 


Not all the tales are loud and bright. In fact, the most subtle and even silent ones can be the most powerful. Have you ever imagined a story that can combine the spark of sincere joy and the darkest hour of grief that you can perceive just in one glimpse? The story about love and closeness and time that never spares? About the comfort of your own home, and hostilities others may have to live through. 


Tales Told in Brick & Stone are profound and unhurried, at times seemingly nonexistent. Yet, if you pause, hold your breath, and attune your senses, they unfold with their concealed secrets, poignant tragedies, and a stoic, grey monolithic indifference. 


Once upon a time, at this very place, history made its turn that would shape the course of the narrative...

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Meet The Team

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Susan Lawless

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Don Francis

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Sophie Grillet

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Tess Brown

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Sasha Mykhailova

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Ashley Jones

Our Clients

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