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Aluminum alloy wire sculpture, with soft, fluffy yarn knotted the whole length.

Honoring mathematician and electrical engineer Lotfi Zadeh, inventor of Fuzzy Logic. This is one of a series of wire sculptures honoring mathematicians, including Emmy Noether, William Hamilton, Copernicus, Kepler and others.

The sculpture can rest three different ways up, and the wire is a single loop which doesn't cross or touch at any point.

Fuzzy Logic [0,1] (Homage to Lotfi Zadeh)

$220.00 Regular Price
$135.00Sale Price
  • The sculpture can be vacuumed with the small attachment, or, if absolutely neccessary, dipped in cold water briefly, swished around and then each section carefully squeezed with a towel, after which it should be allowed to air dry in a warm, dry place.

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